Why have my number of Spy Points suddenly decrease?

Don't worry, your Spy Points are not lost. Once you acquire enough Spy Points to Rank Up, the progress bar switches to display the number of Stars you need to Rank Up. You can get Stars by completing missions in the Despicable Ops, Quest, Inventing, Armory, Train Station and Omniscience Rooms.

For more information, check out: How can I find the name of a Room?
Why doesn't the Evil Minion power-up work after I pick up the PX41 Serum?
This is a bug that we are currently investigating. We're sorry for the inconvenience, and assure you that it will be resolved in a future update.

In the meantime, you can avoid this issue by only grabbing the PX41 Serum while running (not jumping).
Why can't I log into the game with my social network account?
If you don't see an option to log in using a social network account, this is most likely because you are underage. For their safety, certain features, such as connecting to social media, are restricted from our younger players.
What’s the objective in Minion Rush?
The objective is to become the most despicable Minion Secret Agent of all time. To achieve this, you'll need to get as many Costumes as you can by running and collecting new Costume Cards. Collecting Costumes and earning Stars improves your Agent Rank which allows you to access more content in the game and progress further.
What is Gru’s Lair and how does it work?

Gru’s Lair is the game's Main Menu. Here you can access a variety of Rooms, each containing a different set of missions and rewards. You can scroll vertically through Gru’s Lair to see all of the available Rooms.

For more info about Rooms, check out: What is a Room?
Does the game support multiplayer?
The game does not support multiplayer. However, it is now possible to compete with other players in the "Minion Leagues" accessible through the new room called "Minion Workout." In the Minion Leagues, you can compare your scores on a leaderboard. You can also compete with your friends by logging into Facebook.
How can I synchronize my game progress on different devices?
First, connect your game account to a social media account by visiting the Connectivity tab in the Setting menu and choose the best option. Then, you just need to load the game up on any other device and log into the same social media account. Your in-game progress will automatically synch up.
What social features are integrated into the game?
Players who connect their game account to a Facebook account can compete with friends in the Minion Leagues.
What is Agent Rank?

Agent Rank is a measure of how far you have progressed towards becoming the most despicable Minion Secret Agent of all time.

You can improve your rank by collecting and upgrading Minion Costumes, and by earning Stars for completed missions in the Despicable Ops, Quest, Inventing, Armory, Train Station and Omniscience Rooms.

A higher rank also gives you access to more Rooms in Gru’s Lair, and bigger rewards for completed missions.

For more information, check out How can I find the name of a Room?
What are Global Goals?
Global Goals are a series of challenges found in the "My Career" section, accessible from the bottom bar.

Global Goals are divided into various Operations, each with a Costume, Location, or currency prize for completion that guide you through every feature of the game. Don't hesitate in tackling as many as you can!
What rewards can I get at the end of each mission?
Each completed mission grants a different combination of Prize Pods, Tokens, Perks, Coins, Costume Cards, and more!
What is The Jelly Lab?
The Jelly Lab is a feature that existed in previous versions of the game, but has since been removed. It was replaced by Gru's Lab in newer versions of the game.

When Gru's Lab was introduced, players were given a chance to transfer Jelly Lab progress into Gru's Lab, but that option has since been closed. If you still have a version of the game with the Jelly Lab, there is no longer a way to transfer your progress.
What is the Adventure Beta Test?
The Adventure Beta Test is a version of the game in which we tested potential gameplay improvements. At the moment, this version of the game is closed.

Players who took part in the Adventure Beta Test were automatically switched to the main version of the game with the preservation of game values.
How do I avoid hitting obstacles?
In addition to swiping left and right to dodge obstacles, don't forget that you can sometimes jump over or duck under them too. If an obstacle is the same height as your Minion, try to jump over it (swipe up). If there's a gap between the obstacle and the ground, try ducking below it (swipe down).

It may take some practice to get the timing down, but ducking and jumping are extremely important skills to master.
I crashed into an obstacle, but don't want to lose this run's progress. What can I do?
No worries! You can always Revive to keep a run going and rescue your progress.

When you crash, you'll usually be given a few seconds to decide if you wish to Revive or not. This normally costs Tokens, but sometimes you'll have the option of watching a video ad to Revive instead!
How do the AVL Reports work?

AVL Reports are needed to run Missions in the Inventing Room, Armory Room, Train Station Room, Omniscience Room, and Story Room.

While you need at least 1 AVL Report to begin a run in these Rooms, you won't actually expend the report until you complete at least one Mission in the Room.

AVL Reports are replenished automatically over time, or they can be purchased if you run out.

For additional information, check out: How can I unlock new Locations?
What are the Minion Leagues and how do they work?
The Minion Leagues are weekly competitions in the Workout Room based on scoring points to climb the leaderboard ranks.

Each player enters a specific League based on their League score from the previous week (first-timers start in the lowest League). At the end of the week, those who rank highest in their League will be promoted to a higher League, while those who rank the lowest (or do not participate) are demoted to a lower League.
What are Avoid Missions?
Avoid Missions task you with completing a run while a certain action is banned, such as jumping, ducking, or collecting Bananas.

You can still perform the banned action, but doing so will incur a temporary penalty, during which your actions won't count towards Mission objectives. Once the penalty is over, you may continue working towards objectives again.
Can I choose any Location for a certain mission?

No. When you unlock a new Location for a Room, it is added to its list, which can be viewed by tapping the screen while in the Room. When you start a run, your Location is chosen randomly from this list.

For additional information, check out: How can I unlock new Locations?
How do I use Perks?
Perks can only be used in certain Rooms. If available, the game will automatically offer you a selection of suggested Perks at the start of a run. Just pick any or all that you wish to use to improve your progress!

If you already own a specific Perk item, you can activate it during your run. If you don't own a Perk, you can always pay Tokens to activate it instead.
What are Despicable Actions?
Despicable Actions includes punching other characters or breaking obstacles during a run. Note that the only way to break obstacles is through use of the Evil Minion or Freeze Ray ability.
Can I complete "Despicable Action" Missions by punching other Minions?
Yes, because punching a Minion counts as a Despicable Action. However, note that Costume Skills that grant more Minion Punches will not add to your number of Despicable Actions for these Missions.
What do I need to Rank Up?

To Rank Up, you need to collect Stars and Spy Points. You can earn Stars by playing Despicable Ops, Quest, Inventing, Armory, Train Station and Omniscience Rooms. You can earn Spy Points by unlocking and upgrading Costumes.

For additional information, check out: How can I unlock and upgrade Costumes?.
How can I unlock new Locations?

You can unlock Locations by completing specific Operations from the Global Goals. After unlocking them, Locations will be added to the list found by tapping on Room screens. When you start a run, a Location will be chosen randomly from this list.

For additional information, check out: What are Global Goals?
What is the "My Career" section?

The "My Career" tab is where you can find your Global Goals, Daily Tasks and Achievements. It is accessible from the bottom bar.

What currencies are there in game?

There are three main currencies in Minion Rush:

1. Tokens

This is the most valuable currency in the game, and it can be earned from completed Missions, Prize Pods, and daily login rewards. It can also be bought with real money in the Shop. Tokens can be used to buy Prize Pods, special offers, and Coins. They can also be spent to skip some Missions or to revive your Minion during a run so you don't lose any progress.

2. Coins

Coins can be earned from completed Missions, Prize Pods, and daily login rewards. It can also be bought with Tokens in the Shop. Coins are used to unlock or upgrade Costumes and to buy certain Costume Cards in the Shop.

3. Bananas

Bananas can be earned only by collecting them during a run. Bananas can be used for buying Banana Pods from the Shop.

How can I get more Coins?
You can get more Coins by running and earning rewards, or by opening Prize Pods. You can also use Tokens to buy Coin Packs from the Shop.
How can I get more Tokens?
You can get more Tokens by:
- Running and getting rewards in Special Missions, Daily Challenges, and the Story Room.
- Participating in various limited-time events, such as the Prize Wheel or a Festival.
- Completing Daily Tasks (Tip: You can double these rewards by watching a video ad).
- Watching a video ad in Gru's Lair once a day.

Tokens can also be purchased from the Bundles section of the Shop with real money.
How can I get Prize Pods?
There are different ways to get Prize Pods:
- Buy them in the Shop with Tokens or for watching video ads
- Get them as rewards by completing a missions in some Rooms
- Get them as rewards by completing the Special Mission and Daily Challenges
- Participating in various time-limited events, such as "Prize Wheel" and "Festival"
How can I get more Bananas?
Bananas can only be collected during a run. But there are ways to maximize your Banana hoarding!

For starters, try wearing a Costume with a Skill that increases how many Bananas you collect. There are even some Costume Abilities that can also help you gather tons of Bananas, such as the Banana Vacuum, Banana Splitter, or even the Fluffy Unicorn!

Finally, some Rooms will give you the option to watch a video ad at the end of a run to double the Bananas you collected.
What is the Piggy Bank?
The Piggy Bank is a Shop item that stockpiles Tokens anytime you spend Tokens or Coins.

At any time, you can pay to collect all the Tokens inside. Note that there is a max number of Tokens that the Piggy Bank can hold, so it's best to wait until it's reached full capacity before cracking it open for your reward!
How can I change the language?
From the main menu, click on Options, then Settings, and pick your language
How can I change the volume?
From the main menu, click on Options, the Settings. There will be volume options for Music and Sound FX, click the "+" or "-" buttons to adjust.
Do I need to be connected to the Internet to play?
Internet connection is necessary when you first launch the game to download needed data. Afterwards, you can play much of the game without an internet connection.

Some specific features do require an internet connection, such as Festivals, purchasing items from the Shop, and watching video ads to name a few.
How can I turn the notifications on and off?

From the main menu, tap the Options icon, then go to the Connectivity section. From there, tap the switch under Notifications to turn them on or off. You can also visit your device's Settings to access more notification options.

What is a Room?

A Room represents a unique game area in which players will find different Missions and themed events. Each completed Mission rewards you with different in-game resources.

You can check a Mission's rewards by tapping the Mission widget in the Room interface.

Some rooms are available for a limited time only.

While other Rooms only appear when you have reached a certain Rank or progress in the game.

How can I see the name of a Room?

To see the name of the Room, just hold down its icon from the side widget until the Room's information appears.

How do I unlock and upgrade Rooms?

Rooms are automatically unlocked and upgraded as you increase your Rank.

For more information, check out: What do I need to Rank Up?
What is Energy? How does it work?

Energy is a resource that must be spent to run in certain Rooms, such as the Special Mission Room, Weekend Event Room, and Quest Room.

Energy is consumed at the start of each run (but not when reviving), and when restarting a Mission, since this is the same as starting a new run.

It is replenished automatically over time, or you can replenish it instantly by spending Tokens.

What are Special Missions? How do I participate in them?

Every new update has limited-time Special Missions for you to play. These take place in a different location every time, and you can earn many rewards for completing them.

Just scroll through Gru's Lair until you find the Special Mission Room which has a present icon on the scroll bar. Inside, you'll be able to see if any Special Missions are currently running, or if you'll need to wait for the next one to go live.

Special Mission grants unique rewards and trophies, so keep an eye out, because these missions are only available for a limited time! Any throphies you earn for completing a special mission remains with your account forever. You can view your trophies from the "Profile" tab and clicking the "Special Trophies" section.

Once a Special Mission is completed, you'll have to wait for the next one to appear.

What is the One-Run Challenge?

The One-Run Challenge is an additional goal for Special Mission runs, but with an added challenge: You need to fully complete the goal in a single run!

If your run ends for any reason, all of your progress towards a One-Run Challenge will be reset. This can be really tricky, but accomplishing it earns you extra rewards.

Is it necessary to complete a One-Run Challenge?
You can complete a Mission's milestones without completing its One-Run Challenge. However, once you complete a Mission, you can no longer go back to take on its One-Run Challenge.
Why does the game requires me to upgrade Fevers from scratch in the new Special Mission?
Upgraded Fevers cannot be transferred to future Special Missions, so you will need to upgrade a fresh Fever for each one.
What is the Daily Challenge Room?

The Daily Challenge Room is room where you can try your hand at completing Daily Challenges.

Each Daily Challenge is available for 24 hours only. After that, it will be replaced by a new Daily Challenge with fresh rewards, such as valuable Prize Pods, Costume Cards, and Tokens.

To complete a Daily Challenge you'll need to complete 3 Missions in a row. While attempting a Daily Challenge you cannot use Perks, and are only allowed to lose once. However, Revives are allowed without limit.

You can find the Daily Challenge Room by scrolling through Gru's Lair. Daily Challenges are displayed on the side scroll bar as a key card icon.

What are Costumes for?

Costumes increase your Minion's stats during a run and unlock useful Costume Skills and Abilities to help you progress through the game and earn more rewards.

A Costume Skill is a passive effect that automatically gives you an advantage while playing. A Costume Ability is a Power-Up effect that you can activate once per run. You can tap on any Costume in the Wardrobe to view its stats, Skill and Ability.

For more information, check out:

What are Costume Skills?
What are Costume Abilities?
What are Costume Abilities and how do I activate them?

Every Costume has an Ability that can be activated once per run to unleash a specific Power-Up effect.

To activate the Ability, you must first charge it up. This can be done by:

- Committing Despicable Actions

- Collecting Bananas

- Performing Jump-Overs, Slide-Unders, and Near Misses

Once the Ability is charged, just tap the icon at the bottom of the screen, or double-tap anywhere else on the screen.

What are Costume Skills?

Every Costume has a Skill that provides a passive effect that automatically gives you an advantage while playing. Some Costume Skills even grow in strength with the Costume's level.

To see what Skill a Costume has, just visit the Wardrobe, find the desired Costume, and tap it for details.

For more information, check out: Where can I find my Costumes?
Why do I need different Skills and Abilities?
Each Skill and Ability can help you accomplish different Missions or overcome challenges.

Picking the right Costume for the run is essential, as some can help you survive longer, collect more Bananas, or complete Festival Missions faster.
How can I unlock and upgrade Costumes?

You can unlock and upgrade your Costumes in the Wardrobe by using certain Costume Cards and Coins.

For more information, check out:

Where can I find and change my Costumes?
How can I find the Costume Cards I need?
What is a Costume Card?

Before you can use certain Costumes, you must first unlock them in the Wardrobe by spending a set number of Costume Cards and Coins.

Once a Costume is unlocked, additional Costume Cards can be used to upgrade it.

Costume Cards can be obtained from Prize Pods, the Prize Wheel, special promotions, or running Room missions.

How can I find the Costume Cards I need?

If you need to find a specific Costume Card, visit the Wardrobe and tap the "Get Cards" button on the desired costume. This will display a list of locations where its cards can be found.

Where can I find and change my Costumes?

From the main menu, tap on the Wardrobe icon. This will display a list of the Costumes you own.

To change Costumes, open the Wardrobe and just tap the Costume you want to wear and tap the "Equip" button. A Costume must be unlocked before you can wear it.

For more information, check out: How can I unlock and upgrade Costumes?
How does a Festival work?
A Festival is a limited-time event that gives you rewards for completing Quests.
To progress in a Festival you must complete Quests and earn Festival Points. Collecting Festival Points unlocks various rewards which you can claim at any time during the Festival.
What is a Premium Pass?
A Premium Pass allows you to receive extra rewards from a currently-running Festival.

Upon purchasing a Premium Pass, you immediately unlock all of these benefits:
- Immediately receiving all premium rewards up to your current Festival tier.
- Accces to featured Festival costumes.
- Access to Premium Quests to speed up your Festival progress.

Please note that each Premium Pass expires at the end of a Festival.
What are Premium Festival Quests?

Premium Festival Quests are bonus Quests in the Festival. These Quests can only be accessed with a Premium Pass.

For more information, check out: What is the Premium Pass?
There are no Quests in the Festival. What should I do?
New Festival Quests are released in stages every week. If you have completed all available Quests for the week, just come back to the game when a new stage unlocks to continue your progress in the Festival.
What are Crates?

Crates are rewards for players who have collected every other reward in the current Festival, but still have Festival Points to spend. Crates could contain Costume Cards, Coins, Tokens, Perks, or other valuable rewards.

Additionally, if you have an active Premium Pass, all of your Crates will be upgraded to Premium Crates, which offer even greater rewards!

How do I spin the Prize Wheel?
To spin the Prize Wheel you must first tap the "Watch Video Ad" icon. After fully watching a video you will be able to spin the Prize Wheel by tapping the "Spin" icon.
How can I earn a Milestone Reward from the Prize Wheel event?
Milestone Rewards are earned by viewing multiple video ads. You can track your progress by viewing the progress bar on the right side of the Prize Wheel.
Can I see the odds of getting a specific reward from the Prize Wheel?

Yes. Just tap on the information icon at the top left corner of the wheel. This will display the odds for every item that you can potentially win.

What happens to my Milestone Reward progress when a Prize Wheel event ends?
Milestone progress is reset at the end of each event.
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