How long will the Minion Rush Adventure Beta Test period continue for?
We aim to run the Adventure Beta Test June-July 2020 and based on the results will start introducing the best parts to all players between August-September 2020.
Can Original Minion Runners participate in the Adventure Beta Test?
We appreciate all our players and your willingness to participate, it means a lot to us.
We’re running the Adventure Beta Test only with New Minion Runners due to technical limitations. There’s a big risk to the progress of the Original Minion Runners we want to avoid any impact to it.
However, all our Original Minion Runners will start to see the best performing features from the Adventure Beta Test once the test has concluded.
Will we know if we’re participating in the Adventure Beta Test?
Only a very limited amount of New Minion Runners will be randomly picked to participate in the Adventure Beta Test. If you already played Minion Rush on your device / store account, you will not be chosen for this experiment.
I hit the obstacles too often. Do you have any tips?
Pay attention to the height of the obstacles, if they are twice your size, you can't jump over them. If there is a gap between them and the ground, you can duck underneath them. If there is no hole in the tall obstacles, you can swipe to the right or left to avoid it.
I've crashed into the obstacles, but I don't want to lose my Despicable Multiplier and score. What should I do?
No worries! If you want to continue your run, you can always revive and keep your progress. When you're crashed, you have a few seconds to decide if you're going to restore; choose an option that suits you and continue the run. You can revive by paying tokens, bananas, or by watching a video ad.
What is the Costume Ability?
Every costume has a dedicated Ability with its duration that could be activated any time you want. During the run, you can charge the Ability by committing Despicable Actions, collecting bananas, doing jump-overs, slide-under, near misses, or picking up Power-ups from the track.
How do I activate the Costume Ability?
When Ability is charged, you can activate it whenever you want by double tapping on the screen or by tapping on its icon at the bottom of the screen.
How do Costumes affects the Score Multiplier?
Different Costumes have different Ability duration and Score Multiplier. Some Costumes give higher values than others. Also, don't forget that getting a Costume will increase your Score Multiplier forever, so if you want to become the greatest runner, make sure to collect all the Costumes!
Why do I need different Abilities?
Picking the right Costume for the run is essential. Some of them can help you survive longer, collect more bananas, or complete Festival Missions faster.
How does a Festival work?
A Festival is a limited-time event that gives you rewards for completing Missions.
To progress in the Festival you can complete Missions that reward you with Festival Points; collecting a specific amount of Festival Points unlocks a Reward Tier, then you can claim the reward anytime you want.
What is the Premium Pass?
You can purchase the Premium Pass for the active Festival and immediately unlock access to amazing rewards on Premium Tier and access to Premium Missions that give more Festival Points compared to regular Missions.
There are no Missions in the Festival, what should I do?
Missions are distributed into stages that unlock every week. If you have completed all available Missions for the week, just come back to the game when a new stage unlocks, and continue your progress in the Festival.
Where I can find my Costumes?
In the Main Menu, you can tap on the Minion and take a look at the list of your owned Costumes. Also, you can open the Costumes tab in the Shop and tap on the Owned button to activate the filter.
How can I change the Costume?
Open the list of your owned Costumes and press the "Equip" button on your preferred Costume to pick it for your next run.
How much Score Multiplier does a specific Costume grant?
Open the Costumes tab in the Shop and tap on the Costume to see its details. Keep in mind that some Costumes might impact the Score Multiplier and would be added to your overall score once you purchase it.
How can I get more Costumes?
Every new update has a new set of Costumes which you can find in the Costumes tab in the Shop. Also, you can win a couple of them at the Festival.
Can I play on different devices?
Sure, log in to Facebook or Game Center to synchronize your progress and then launch the game from another device. To connect your profile, go to the Connectivity tab in the Settings Menu and choose the option that suits you best.
How can I get more Tokens?
Tokens can be purchased from the Bundles section in the Shop. You can get Tokens for free every day by watching a video ad or as a reward from a Festival and Leaderboard.
How can I get more Bananas?
Collect the bananas during the run or get them as a reward in a Festival or Leaderboard. While running, use Abilities such as Vacuum, Splitter, or Fluffy to collect tons of them!
What's the Weekly Leaderboard?
Weekly Leaderboard is the limited-time event that resets every week. Whenever a runner reaches their highest score, it is posted to the Leaderboard. It is divided into the Tops (Common, Bronze, Silver, Gold) and Top-3. When the event ends the runners that finished in Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Top-3 will be granted with rewards.
How do I participate in the Weekly Leaderboard?
To qualify for the Weekly Leaderboard start a run and get as many points as you can. The better your score is compared to others, the higher your chances of receiving a better reward! You can also open the Weekly tab in the Rank screen to check your current position, score, and rewards.
Why do I see Best 3 Minions in the Weekly Leaderboard?
Best Minions represent players that performed better than all other runners and reached the highest score this week.
What's the Global Leaderboard?
This Leaderboard never resets, here you can find your best score of all time and see your position among all other runners.
What's the Friends Leaderboard?
In this one, you can see your position among your friends. Connect to Facebook and see if you can become the best runner among your buddies!
How does the Score Multiplier work?
This is the key to getting a better score but it depends on the amount of Costumes you have. Every new Costume increases your Multiplier. For a limited time you can increase it by getting a Multiplier as a reward from the Festival or increase it during the run by comitting Despicable Actions.
Why is my Score Multiplier less than before?
When the Festival is over, your temporary Multiplier increase will be discarded. But don't be disappointed because when the new Festival starts you will get an opportunity to increase it again!
Why does my Score Multiplier increase during the run?
The Score Multiplier increases during a run according to the amount of mischief you cause around you by making fellow Minions fly. It multiplies your score, so be despicable! Your increase value resets every time you start a run so keep running as long as you can to get the highest multiplier possible!
How can I change the volume?
From the main screen, open the Options menu and you arrive directly in the Settings. Touch the minus or plus icons to change the volume. But think twice before you turn the Despicable Music off, because it's good!
How do I use Perks?
The game suggests you choose Perks at the start of the run. You can pick some or even all of them at once to improve your progress!
How can I change the language?
In the Main Menu, touch the Options icon. You will arrive directly in the Settings. Tap on the language you want to select.
Do I need internet connection to play?
No, but the connection is needed to activate some features, such as Festival, Weekly Leaderboard, and to purchase items from the Shop. To post a score to the Leaderboard, you also should be connected to the Internet.
How can I turn the notifications on and off?
Open the Options menu from the Main Menu and tap the icon called Connectivity. There you could see the switch that turns on and off the notifications. You can also go to your device's Settings to access further options for your notifications.
Why does the game look so different now?
Minion Rush is currently being re-designed and revised to offer its players an improved game experience.
Why are you releasing a new version of Minion Rush?
With more than 960 million downloads, Minion Rush has been collecting fans from all over the world for over 5 years. It was time to refresh and re-design the game experience to offer our loyal players a more modern version of their favorite runner.
What happens now with my game progress and all the items I have bought and collected?
Don't worry; after the tutorial, all your progress will be converted to the new game. You will keep all your Costumes and Tokens and you will also be rewarded for everything else you achieved in the previous version of the game.
What about the Costumes I owned before?
Your Costumes have been converted into Costume Cards, as much as are necessary to reach the costume level you had in the previous game. However, bear in mind that upgrading them costs Coins, but you can easily get them by playing the game.
What about the Blueprints, Puzzle Pieces and Golden Tickets I had in my inventory?
To compensate you for these items that no longer exist, we will reward you with Special Prize Pods from which you can get items and very unique Costume Cards.
What’s the objective in this new version of Minion Rush?
The objective is to become the most despicable Minion Secret Agent of all time. In order to achieve this, you'll need to get as many Costumes as you can by running and collecting the new Costume Cards. By collecting Costumes, you improve your Agent Rank and this allows you to access more content in the game and progress further.
What is the Agent Rank?
The Agent Rank is a certain level you achieve by playing Minion Rush. You can improve your rank by collecting and upgrading Minion Costumes. The more Costumes you own, the higher your rank. Your rank also defines the Rooms you can enter in Gru’s Lair. The higher your rank, the more Rooms you can play in.
What is Gru’s Lair and how does it work?
The Jelly Lab does not exist anymore and it has been replaced by Gru’s Lair. Gru’s Lair represents the game's new Main Menu, where you can enter different Rooms. Each of the Rooms contains a different set of missions. You can scroll Gru’s Lair vertically to see all of the available Rooms.
What is a Room?
A Room represents a unique game area in which players will find different running missions, promotions, and thematic events. Each mission rewards you with prizes. The more objectives you fulfill, the bigger the reward you'll get. You can see the reward in the Room's user interface. Rooms are available for a limited time only and appear based on your rank.
What rewards can I get at the end of each mission?
The rewards you can receive at the end of a mission are different types of Prize Pods. Inside each of them you can find Costume Cards, Coins and Perks.
What is a Costume Card?
In order to use Costumes, you must first unlock them by using a set number of Costume Cards. Collecting all the necessary Costume Cards will not only unlock a Costume, but upgrade it as well. Costume Cards can be collected either by running in the missions inside the Rooms or by buying Prize Pods in the Shop.
What are the Costumes for?
Costumes provide useful skills to progress quicker in the game and to win better rewards. You can see the Costumes' skills in the Wardrobe by selecting it in the side-scrolling Menu at the bottom of the screen.
How can I get new Costumes for the Minions?
Once you have collected all the necessary Costume Cards for a specific Costume, you will be able to unlock it by spending Coins.
Are the Costumes' skills the same as before?
No, the Minion Costumes have new skills. They were changed to be consistent with the new game experience and missions. Every Costume will have a Power-Up associated with it and its power will increase the more you upgrade it.
What types of Costumes are there?
Costumes are divided into two different groups: Costumes that are locked by Rank (you need to make progress in the Rooms in order to get enough Costume Cards to unlock them) and Costumes that are not locked by Rank (you can get the cards to unlock them by participating in the Events and Daily Challenges, regardless of your rank). Based on your Rank, you will be able to access more Costumes. Certain kinds of Costumes will be available and accessible only according to your Rank. Non-Ranked Costumes, however, are Costumes that can be earned independently from your Rank. These are usually Costumes you can obtain by running in the Special Mission or by participating in a Daily Challenge.
How can I upgrade Costumes?
You can upgrade your Costumes by using Costume Cards and Coins.
What are the new game currencies?
The currencies in the new Minion Rush will be Tokens and Coins. You can also use Bananas to buy the new Banana Pods.
How can I get more Tokens?
You can get more Tokens by running and getting rewards during Special Missions and Daily Challenges. You can also buy Token packs in the Shop to speed up your in-game progress. Watching ads will give you free Tokens.
How can I get more Coins?
You can get more Coins by running and getting rewards, or by opening Prize Pods. You can also buy Coin packs from the Shop.
How can I get Prize Pods?
There are different ways to get Prize Pods: 1) You can buy them in the Shop. 2) You can get them as rewards by completing a mission in a Room. 3) You can get them as rewards by completing the Special Mission and Daily Challenges.
How do the AVL Reports work?
To run missions in Rooms, you will need AVL Reports. The AVL Reports are very similar to an energy system. Each Room has a mission objective. Once you reach it, you’ll be rewarded and it will use one AVL Report. However, if you don’t complete the mission objective, no AVL Report will be used and so you can use it instead to run in any other Room until you complete at least one objective. AVL Reports are replenished with time, or they can be purchased.
Are the special missions the same as in the previous version of the game?
There will still be Special Missions like in the previous game, but they will now be accessible through a Room.
What are Special Missions?
Every new update has a limited-time Special Mission for you to play. The Special Mission takes place in a different location every time and you can earn many rewards by completing them.
Where can I play Special Missions?
Scroll all the way down to the bottom of Gru’s Lair to find the Special Mission Room added in the latest update. It will tell you if the mission has started, or if you need to wait for the next one. Each Special Mission gives unique rewards, so keep an eye out, because these missions are available for a limited time only! Once completed, you will have to wait for the next one to appear. You will have to run and collect some items to complete these missions.
Does the game support multiplayer?
The game does not support multiplayer. However, it is now possible to compete with other players in the "Minion Leagues" accessible through the new room called "Minion Workout." In the Minion Leagues, you can compare your scores on a leaderboard. You can also compete with your friends by logging into Facebook.
What are the Minion Leagues and how do they work?
Minion Leagues are a leaderboard-based system that has weekly competitions. It consists of different Leagues. Players will enter a specific League based on the score they obtain during the previous week. Each week, players must keep their score to stay in their League. If they increase their score, they will move up to a higher League. If a player's score is low or if they do not participate during a certain week, they will move down to a lower League.
Is it still possible to play Minion Races?
Minion Races are no longer available in the new version of Minion Rush. You can challenge other players or your friends in the Minion Leagues.
What social features are integrated in the game?
You can connect to your Facebook account and have the option to compete with your friends in the Minion Leagues.
Do I need to be connected to the Internet to play?
No, it is not mandatory, but there are some features that you cannot access without an Internet connection, such as Special Missions. You will not be able to access external links, including our Customer Care, Privacy Policy, End-User License Agreement, and Terms of Use, either. Bear in mind that an Internet connection is required when you launch the game for the very first time.
What is a Daily Challenge?
A Daily Challenge is a gaming session available for 24 hours only. Every day, there will be a challenge that you can join in order to get rewards such as Costume Cards and Tokens. The Daily Challenges will be accessible through one of the Rooms in Gru’s Lair.
How many Minions can I play with?
There are four playable Minions available: Dave, Carl, Jerry and Mel. You can play with one at a time. Dave is the standard Minion you get at the beginning of the game. The way to obtain the other three is by getting cards, and uses the same system as the Costumes.
What are the main differences between the four Minions?
The only differences, aside from their appearance, are the skills associated with them.
How can I synchronize the game progress on different devices?
All you need to do is log into the same social network account you previously used in the game.
What are Avoid Missions?
Avoid Missions are missions in which the objective states that you must avoid a certain action. If this action is not avoided, you will incur a temporary penalty during which you won't be able to continue fulfilling the mission objective. When the penalty is over, actions taken to achieve the main goal start to be counted again.
What is the One-Run Challenge?
The One-Run Challenge is an additional goal in the Special Mission runs. Accomplishing this goal gives you extra rewards.
Is it necessary to complete the One-Run Challenge?
You can complete the mission's milestones without completing the One-Run Challenge. However, it is not possible to return to an unfinished One-Run Challenge after completing the mission.
What is the Piggy Bank?
The Piggy Bank is a Shop item that allows you to accumulate extra Tokens that can be bought at any moment.
When Tokens are spent, the Piggy Bank is automatically filled up with a certain portion of the amount spent.
When Coins are spent, they convert into Tokens at a certain ratio and replenish the Piggy Bank.
How can I find the Costume Cards I need?
If you need to find a specific Costume Card, use the "Get Cards" icon on the chosen costume in the Wardrobe, to find places where you can obtain it.
What are Global Goals?
Global Goals is a new game mode presented in the "My Career" section, accessible from the bottom bar. Take a deep breath and dive into unique missions that will guide you through all the game features and tell fascinating stories. Global Goals are divided into Operations, each of which will reward you with a unique Costume or Location, so don't hesitate to participate in this mode!
What is the "My Career" section?
The "My Career" tab is where you can find the Global Goals, Daily Tasks and Achievements. It is accessible from the bottom bar.
How can I unlock new Locations?
You can unlock Locations by completing specific Operations from the Global Goals. After unlocking them, Locations will be added to the list found by tapping on Room screens. When you start a run, a Location will be chosen randomly from this list.
Can I choose any location for a certain mission?
No, you cannot choose a location. When you unlock a new location, it will be added to the list accessible by tapping the screen in a Room. When you start a run, the location will be chosen randomly from this list.
What do I need to Rank Up?
To Rank Up, you need to collect Stars and Spy Points by unlocking and upgrading Costumes. You can get Stars when you play in the Despicable Ops, Quest, Inventing, Armory, Train Station and Omniscience Rooms.
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